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Why a Fixed Rate at the workshop ?

Virus and Malware Removal

Many repair companies say they can repair a badly corrupted or virus / malware infected computer on site.

While this is true, to do the job correctly , depending on the amount of data, and the speed of the computer it will often take several hours. Killing off and removing the original infection may be able to done in a short time, but to clean all the traces and make sure it doesn't return very soon after can be a different story.

To clean a badly infected computer it can easily take 4-6 or more hours of scanning with various removal programs, then any damage to the system and programs have to be repaired. If this work is done on site, the technician may be sitting around for hours at your location waiting for scans to finish, all the time you are being charged by the hour.

When back at the workshop, programs can be run and left to carry out their tasks. When completed other tasks can be started.

When quoting a fixed rate, sometimes its a guess as to how long the job may take, but even before completion you will know what it will cost.

Hardware upgrades

With so many different types of components available today , some hardware upgrades / Repairs need to be carried out in the workshop.
Some competitors may have a computer away for weeks while waiting for repairs.
Generally as long as parts are available they can be accessed over night from suppliers.

ComMends aim is to collect and return the PC in full working condition as soon as possile, usually within 1-2 days, not weeks.

There are times when components can be changed on site, for example power Supplies, memory, Optical drives.

It is preferred to do other hardware changes in a safe anti-static enviroment to eliminate any risk of hardware damage.

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