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Whatever the problem is with your computer, you can rest assured that an experienced technician will be able to diagnose and repair or offer solutions.

Some of the Service offered:

  • Onsite Installation – We can install and setup your new computer for you, also transfer files from your old PC, install any programs you may have and give training where required.

  • Upgrades – Instead of purchasing a new PC, often an upgrade or a good service is all that’s needed to make your computer run like new.

  • Repairs – Whatever is causing you problems, we can get it back up and going again, sometimes a minor cause may look like a major problem.

  • Networking – Many households now have more than one PC. By networking your computers you can share files, printers, and internet access. Networking is done by one or two methods, hard wired or Secured wireless or a combination of both.

  • Infection Removal - Clean your computer from viruses and malware, along with other infections.

  • Software - From operating systems, office programs and many other types of software.

  • Backup Solutions - Setting up backups to either a dedicated Server , a NAS or cloud storage.

What is Cloud Storage ? A Basic Video explains, click on link to view ( Opens a pop up window)  Cloud Storage

Repairs and services are carried out on site if possible.
However on some occasions the computer may have to be returned to the workshop.  See  Here for details

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