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One of the first questions many people ask is how much will it cost to fix their computer.

Thats a fair enough question, as no one likes a shock when they receive an invoice.

First -- NO CALL OUT or TRAVEL FEE to come to your location.

Here at ComMend Computers there are two pricing structures.

  • If its an onsite job that can be done in a reasonable amount of time,Two hours or less, the standard rate is $100.00 / Hour - min. 1 hour, then charged in increments of 15 minutes at $25.00

  • The second option is less than hourly rate, but the repairs are done at the workshop at a pre-arranged rate with no time restrictions.

Note: Excludes any hardware or software purchases.

The pre fixed rates are given at the time of the service call,once the problem has been assessed and a solution offered.

Why Pre Fixed Rates ? = Less cost to you the customer.

See  Here for full details.

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